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Blue-check REALLY lays it on thick playing the LGBT victim because parents don’t want adults talking to their small children about sexuality –

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This whole ‘Don’t Say Gay’ narrative may well be the dumbest thing we’ve seen from the Left this year, and that includes the spin they’ve been pushing nonstop trying to convince us Biden is actually doing a GOOD JOB. Anyone who has bothered to read the Parents Rights in Education LAW knows there is literally NOTHING in the law about not saying gay. It simply says adults may not speak to very small children (4-8) about sexuality.

Honestly, it should say ‘adults at school may not speak to any minor about their sexuality’ but we digress.

Jason Kuznicki must really want adults to talk to small children about sexuality because he laid it on THICK here:

“Hey America, we’re LGBT and we’d like a decent life even so.”
“Ah, you’re grooming kids for pedophilia, got it.”
“No. But if a kid says he’s gay or trans, let’s… maybe let them talk about it with an adult who doesn’t hate them for it?”
“Grooming. Got it. Bunch of pedophiles.”

— Jason Kuznicki (@JasonKuznicki) March 30, 2022

Not entirely sure what he thought would happen – but he did eventually lock down the replies so maybe he figured it out. Note, when people lock down replies, others can still quote-tweet them, which is often worse than just letting people respond.

It is the exclusive responsibility of the PARENTS to raise their children –

Teaching the customs, traditions, faith and moral ethic passed from generation to generation. This is the thread that weaves the fabric of a society…

…Without this you get 21st century America.

— Todd Collins – Cynical Pragmatist🏴‍☠️ (@TC1984G) March 31, 2022

“Leave me alone.”

“Leave me alone with your kid.”

Totally different request.

— Don Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesadilla (@Don_Quesadilla) March 31, 2022

I’m gonna comment, falsely, about what’s happening in Florida. And to show you how important this discussion is, I’m gonna lock my replies so only my circle can comment on my lies.
That’s you Jason

— Scott Coleman (@bandphan) March 31, 2022

Hey Jason, you are a coward for not allowing comments on tweets like this. You are a groomer. Kids who are 4 to 8 years old don’t say those things. They have to learn the language from groomers first.

— Bill Onesty (@billonesty) March 31, 2022

Rational minds know kids as young as 3rd grade aren’t saying they’re gay or trans unless someone has worked to put that thought in their head.
Hollywood & @Disney are trying to make a very small community seem cool & mainstream. Hurting not helping!

— Ted Howze DVM (@Ted_Howze) March 31, 2022

Hurting not helping.

Not a great look for Disney here either.

“Let me be your kid’s secret parent”

— Done (@b0110111100) March 31, 2022

Double ouch.

— GaelicKat 🕵️🔍✒️ (@GaelicKat) March 31, 2022

Nope. None of them have.

Also, why do you assume parents hate their children?

You are imposing your prejudices onto people you know nothing about in order to justify your social agenda.

— Chad Felix Greene 🇮🇱🇺🇦 (@chadfelixg) March 31, 2022

This is the ugliest part, assuming parents won’t love and accept their own children if they are gay.

Why do gay people assume that hetero parents in 2022 would hate their kids?

— The Grateful Red (@gratefulred1) March 31, 2022

This is a conversation you believe an adult should be having with a child under 10?

Also, no one is preventing what you’re discussing.

The law simply states a teacher cannot instruct a class on adult sexuality or gender identity for children 3rd grade and under.

— Chad Felix Greene 🇮🇱🇺🇦 (@chadfelixg) March 31, 2022

The law is simple.

The narrative, is not.

And that tells us the narrative is crap.

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