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BTS’s V Encourages Fanboys At “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE,” Proving The Diversity Among ARMYs


BTS is currently holding their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert in Las Vegas, and, unsurprisingly, all of the members are proving their ability to make each of the concerts special with their fanservice.

Whether that’s Jungkook showing off his incredible visualsJimin showing off his new hairstyle, or J-Hope kindly demonstrating proper concert etiquette for fans.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

V, in particular, has done a lot to interact with fans throughout the concerts. Including throwing a fan his ARMY Bomb so they didn’t feel left out, and teasing a translator for censoring his words.

Taehyung’s having the time of his life

— TTP (@thetaeprint) April 16, 2022

But at the most recent concert, V is going viral for specifically focusing on male fans attending the concert.

K-Pop fans are used to media often portraying them as stereotypical teenage fangirls. And BTS’s fanbase is no exception. James Cordon, for instance, received backlash when he made a joke about BTS’s UN General Assembly appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

Ok so James Corden deleted. I hope that he is seriously contemplaring on his words.

— Abee (@askydoodles) September 22, 2021

And discussions on K-Pop Twitter are common, like when fans reacted to American producer Mike Dean‘s angry tweets about BTS, sharing how the fact that BTS does have a large female fanbase encourages misogyny in the treatment of both BTS and their fans.

I’m here because I’m tired of grown ass men looking down on a talented and successful group just because their fans are mainly women. This is all down to misogyny (and sometimes racism since they’re Asian), this wouldn’t happen if their fans were males

— Luthien (@yeontanwanna_be) April 5, 2022

But time and time again, BTS have been proven to have an immensely diverse fan base that spans across all ages and genders. One male fan even went viral for getting tickets to PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE — SEOUL when his wife didn’t.

Even in Las Vegas’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts, a fanboy went viral for encouraging Jungkook to show his abs.

so jungkook saw this guy in the crowd lift his shirt up and he did it back ?@/$:&$?? 😭

— ً♡ (@archiveforJK) April 11, 2022

And now, on the third day of the Las Vegas concerts of PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE, V truly gave male fans of BTS a chance to shine.


— camila⁷ (@friendskth) April 16, 2022

In typical concert fashion, V encouraged fans to scream, but he did so by first having the female fans scream and then encouraging the male fans to scream.

Although BTS reacted happily to the female fans screaming…

| @sweetdestruxion/Twitter

The members definitely went all-out to encourage the male fans’ screams, standing up and encouraging them with amazement at how loud they were.

| @sweetdestruxion/Twitter

Fans loved how cute BTS was in response to the loud male cheers.

this is the cutest fuckin thing i’ve ever seen

— cal is not in borahaegas ☁ (@jikkuki) April 16, 2022

they were so happy WOW

— taesha (@bangtanbiebb) April 16, 2022

And having an audible representation of the diversity in the fandom.

ARMY are not all 15 year old girls. ARMY MEN in the house! #BTS

— JoyFool ⁷ (@j0yz) April 16, 2022

And male fans were incredibly excited by the recognition and the love shown by BTS.


— José/JK Mixtape⁷ (@TheJose8A) April 16, 2022

I’m so happy that BTS recognizes that there are male armys out there. I feel so alone sometimes because a lot of my friends don’t really know who they are and some people think that guys can’t like boy bands so hearing that they loved seeing them today just made me happy 🥹💜

— kevo | D-1 & D-2 (@testdrivexagb) April 16, 2022

Some are saying that this interaction is their favorite moment from the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts so far…

this is literally my new fav concert moment for me IT’S SO PRECIOUS HOW HYPED UP THEY WERE

— jeon jungkook⁷ | JJK1 (@moonightflower) April 16, 2022

While others believe that this meaningful interaction will go down in “ARMY history.”

This day shall go down in history KIM TAEHYUNG YALL 💯😤♥

— rancho ♡ (@YinMungi) April 16, 2022

And, of course, this isn’t the first time BTS has promoted gender inclusivity among their fans. RM recently went viral for trying to include all genders in his VLIVE.

BTS’s RM Goes Viral For Trying To Include All Genders

You can read more about the Las Vegas PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts here.

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