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Good Parents: Beware of the Evil Known as Diversity Departments in Colleges and Universities


In recent years, more and more universities and colleges have gone out of their ways to set up departments and/or administrative positions designed to promote things like “diversity,” “inclusion,” “equity,” “belonging,” “safe spaces,” and “social justice,” but only as they are defined by extreme leftists considered to be “woke.”

In reality, most if not all of these departments and administrative posts are held by so-called Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion officers dedicated to promoting an extreme radical agenda in order destroy traditional and more objective educational standards, traditional standards of morality, and capitalism.  Of particular concern is that many of these “diversity” officers belong to or support a nation-wide organization of similarly-minded people known as the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education, or the NADOHE. In 2021 this group of anti-Christian (primarily in terms of basic moral principles and related matters) “woke” Kool-aid drinkers held a conference on “Dismantling Structural Racism: Transforming Higher Education,” and in the conference’s program is a welcome statement by NADOHE president Paulette Russell that sets forth the extreme leftist big lie that this, that, and just about everything else in-between is racist and must be dismantled. This false and malevolent ideology fuels the entire NADOHE’s mission to recreate all universities and colleges into their own diabolic image.  Here is part of Russell’s statement:

“ONE YEAR AGO, Covid-19 became our reality….We also witnessed sustained protests, here and abroad in response to the horrific killing of George Floyd, preceded by the killings of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and too many others that forced this country to face the grim realities of deadly force and racism….The resulting protests, as the world witnessed the brutal killing of Mr. Floyd, led to what many regard as a day of reckoning by this country. College campuses were not immune from the need to make bold statements that not only acknowledge racism but begin the work to dismantle structural racism and its impact through changes in policies, procedures, practices, teaching, research, and service.

Our keynote speaker, the incomparable Stacey Abrams, will open the 2021 virtual conference and ignite a new sense of urgency in creating a more just nation.

…Our goal is to provide the support, resources and research that informs the work of senior diversity officers, diversity practitioners, and those committed to justice, equity and inclusion. This year’s virtual conference theme: Dismantling Structural Racism: Transforming Higher Education and the varied sessions offered over the next three days will provide new approaches that can lead to systemic change within our institutions.”

(From the Welcome Statement of Paulette Russell; retrieved from

Note in particular the basic claim that the deaths of Floyd, Taylor, and Arbery are emphasized as illustrations of ongoing racism when no racism in any of the killings has ever been shown to be true.  Moreover, the narrative of murders and/or brutal killings don’t line up with the actual facts of the killings.

Also note the declaration regarding the proclaimed “need” for college campuses to make bold statements about alleged racism deemed to be present on their respective campuses, and many left-leaning colleges and universities (alas, that’s most of them today) did just that based simply on the declaration that such alleged racism is the case regardless of any evidence to the contrary.  Of course the claim of structural racism is pure nonsense propaganda, but it is a primary component of the “woke” ideology foisted on all of society by the NADOHE and other like-minded organizations and individuals that push the same largely Marxist agenda to the detriment of all of us.

And then there is the most telling hero worship of the fraud and major league bigot Stacey Abrams who was the keynote speaker at the 2021 conference.  This alone would be enough to indict this organization for having a despicable agenda that is demonstrably racist against white people in general and anti-American at its core.

In addition, the NADOHE also supports all things LGB “T” Q blah, blah, blah, and when it comes to academics, it also pushes the false “equity” approach of no longer using any objective standards as these are deemed racist and part of White Western Civilization that, according to this group of radicals, is primarily responsible for perpetuating racism against blacks and other minorities, so the only way to end this reliance on objective truth and reality is to do away with objective grading standards in order to “grade” people based on their ‘identity experiences’ and other such balderdash even if their work product is pure gibberish.

The NAODHE website is, and I urge all readers to check it out until disgust with the agenda and the things it supports and is doing to our institutions becomes too much for you to continue, at least in one sitting so to speak.  For now, below is a list (in no particular order) of those schools that employ leaders of the NAODHE as diversity officers, vice presidents, and as other administrators of considerable influence in these schools.  Please share this article with anyone you may know who have children in or soon to enter into college, and urge them to try to avoid these schools and many others like them while searching for other colleges and universities that still believe in objective standards and are committed to the actual teaching of students instead of indoctrinating them into an anti-Christian, anti-Western Civilization, and anti-White bigotry mindset that will brainwash them to become hate-filled radicals to the point where many will also sever healthy relationships they may have had with God prior to attending these yahoo universities and colleges.

Indiana Tech University                           Michigan State University
Georgia Institute of Technology                University of North Texas
Gettysburg College                                  Coventry University
University of Pittsburgh                            Southern Connecticut State University
University of Virginia                                Lehigh University
DePaul University                                    University of Maryland
Kent State University                               Point Loma Nazarene University
Auburn University                                   Tennessee State University
East Carolina University                           Springfield College                  
Columbia University                                Portland State University
Des Moines University                             University of California San Francisco
Southern Illinois University                      Bluegrass Community & Technical College
Oklahoma State University                      University of Wyoming
Princeton University                                University of Illinois Chicago
Grand Valley State University                  University of North Alabama
Saint Louis University                             Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Saginaw Valley State University    


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