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‘Human Rights Crisis’: Legal Experts Say Bombshell SCOTUS Abortion Opinion Will Be ‘Foundation for Overturning LGBT Rights’


A TikTok video posted to Twitter that appears to show a couple disrupting an airplane so severely they forced an entire planeload of passengers to deplane because they refused to leave has gone viral. In the video, the woman – who identifies herself as an Elon Musk and Trump supporter – repeatedly insists “we did nothing wrong,” while her male companion uses homophobic slurs to mock passengers across the aisle who are masked.

By the end, she declares they are being forced off the plane “because we’re Trump supporters!”

Two videos of the couple (below) were posted to Twitter by freelance journalist Fifty Shades of Whey.

It’s unclear what led to the airline’s decision to have the couple removed from the plane.

“Free speech is dead,” she declares early in the video, which clearly has been edited. “We didn’t do anything.”

She tells an airline official, “No, we’re not coming off,” and, “then you’re going to have to take everyone off.”

“This is ridiculous,” she continues. “Do you guys see what’s happening in America?”

“You didn’t like what he said, and now we’re getting kicked off a plane,” she says. “And all of you all are gonna have to wait. This is f*cking outrageous.”

“You guys we’re gonna turn into China,” she continues. “It’s coming.”

“The President, or the masked people, didn’t like what I said,” the woman continues to complain.

“Oh, I love Elon Musk! He is the best. ELON!” she shouts, pushing her fists forward. “He is the f*cking king.”

“The masked people in our row are kicking the people off the plane,” she claims.

At one point she announces she is suing one of the other passengers, then asks for his name. The man she is with calls another passenger a “f*cking jerkoff,” and mocks him by saying, ‘Oh I’m a f*ggot.’”

Later he again calls them “f*ggots.”

She also says, “I’m not getting that f*cking vaccine.”

Later in the video an announcement can be heard saying the passengers will have to exit because the couple “is not cooperating.”

Toward the end of the video she says “we’ve got to get off the plane because we’re Trump supporters,” which angers several passengers.

A couple in Florida hurls homophobic slurs and refuses to get off a plane. At the end, the wife says she’s convinced it’s because they’re Trump supporters. 🤡

— Fifty Shades of Whey (@davenewworld_2) May 2, 2022

Later, law enforcement officials appear to escort them through the airport:

Here’s the same obnoxious couple at the airport in West Palm Beach, FL after being removed from the plane 🤡

— Fifty Shades of Whey (@davenewworld_2) May 2, 2022

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