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Madison Cawthorn Tried To Attack LGBT Community & Joe Biden, And His Fans Actually Don’t Like It

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Madison Cawthorn loves to play the role of edgelord, and there’s no doubt his persona and behavior have earned him plenty of attention. With election day coming, though, he may soon wish he’d had the forethought to seek some positive attention, too. In one of his latest trollings, he shared a photo attacking the LGBT community and President Joe Biden at the same time — but it didn’t go over well with his followers.

[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]

In a post to his political page on Facebook, Cawthorn shared several photos and said he’d enjoyed an event with the Henderson Men’s Club. He promised, “We are going to take this country back my friends. I will never stop fighting for you,” and appended several photos.

One, though, stands out.

[Image via Madison Cawthorn/Facebook]

Styled to mimic a LGTB pride shirt, with letters printed in a rainbow of colors, the shirt actually reads “LGBFJB Pride Community.”

Of course, the right’s one joke for this year is yelling “Let’s go Brandon!” — a phrase that stands in for “F*** Joe Biden.” Cawthorn’s shirt combines the two.

No doubt the folks who haven’t been able to get a new punchline all year approve of his shirt and find it amusing, but judging from the response, they’re not the majority.

In his comments, one person — whose profile identifies him as a Henderson resident and a missions director at a faith-based organization — tells Cawthorn, “Madison this is not a funny jab at the president, this is shameful stain on Christianity.”

Another of Cawthorn’s Facebook followers has a different problem with the shirt. “It’s sad that a CUSS word…. a CUSS sentence…. can be used by so many folks that claim to love Jesus…. think about it,” she writes.

Another commenter whose profile identifies them as a local and a member of a church in the area says, “How anyone will continue to vote for you is beyond me. You are acting like a middle schooler.”

Alienating half the country and then claiming victimhood and censorship might be an effective strategy for some far-right politicians — but Cawthorn seems to be disgusting his own constituents.

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