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Meet VICTON’s Byungchan, The Charismatic Brother In “Business Proposal” Gaining Attention For His Stunning Visuals


The hottest show to take over the world of K-Dramas is none other than SBS’Business Proposal. Since it started airing, netizens have become obsessed with the show and all the characters in it.

Yet, aside from the main characters Kang Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop) and (Shin Ha Ri) Kim Sejeong… who are truly adorable AF…

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Kim Se Jeong (left) and Ahn Hyo Seop (right) in “Business Proposal” | Netflix

One of the cast members that has also gained attention, despite his lack of screen time, is Ha Ri’s brother Shin Ha Min. Netizens have fallen in love with the cheeky sibling of Ha Ri, who loves nothing more than to tease his family. He’s also stolen the hearts of viewers with his dazzling visuals.


With the show’s rising popularity, many have started having a deep dive into the cast, and many were surprised to realize that Shin Ha Min is played by none other than popular K-Pop idol VICTON’sByungchan

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VICTON’s Byungchan | @b__yccn/ Instagram

| @b__yccn/ Instagram

Byungchan debuted in 2016 with VICTON, and the group quickly caught the attention of netizens for their unique personalities, amazing music, and dazzling visuals.

Members of VICTON | @VICTON1109/ Twitter

The group has continued to release diverse music that showcases edgier and more rock-based vibes compared to other idol groups throughout the years. From their recent release “Chronograph” to their older tracks like “What I Said” and “I’m Fine,” the group is truly diverse.

VICTON’s “Chronograph” | VICTON/ YouTube

VICTON’s debut track “I’m Fine” | 1theK/ YouTube

In 2019, alongside VICTON member Seungwoo, Byungchan participated in Mnet‘s Produce 101. The duo immediately caught the attention of fans for their visuals, proportions, and talent, but Byungchan had to pull out of the competition due to health reasons.

| Mnet/ YouTube

Although Byungchan’s handsome visuals can sometimes seem intimidating, he is known for being bright, energetic, and caring. In particular, he is always there to make sure his members are always laughing by using his playful personality.


In 2021, Byungchan got his first major role as he was cast as Kim Ga On in the popular historical K-Drama King’s Affection, alongside Park Eun Bin and fellow idol SF9‘s Rowoon. Although his character was mysterious and didn’t say much, he captured the hearts of viewers with his loyalty and visuals.

| VICTON/ YouTube

Even as he finished filming, Byungchan continued to show his fresh image and a charismatic personality…

| @b__yccn/ Instagram

For many netizens, VICTON is one of the most underrated groups in K-Pop. The members have continued to showcase their talent and diversity through various projects. Hopefully, with netizens worldwide becoming obsessed with Business Proposal and the Byungchan’s character, it will make them search VICTON and listen to their epic music.

You can watch VICTON’s latest release below.

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