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Mom Sets Record Straight About Her ‘Black & White’ Biologically Identical Twin Baby Boys

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One mother is setting the record straight about her twin baby boys, despite the curious comments she receives about their skin color.

Daniel and David are identical twins who were reportedly born last year in Nigeria. And while many may think otherwise, these boys are biologically identical, despite having skin color belonging to opposite ends of the spectrum.

The mother adores putting up images of her beautiful family and the fact that they’re so unique makes it all the more special for her.

Source: The Sun

In such a short span of time, the toddler duo has managed to gain a massive fan following on social media. And just in case you happen to be wondering why, well, the answer is straightforward. Their appearance is very different.

While Daniel has incredibly dark skin, his twin brother has incredibly light skin. And it’s this major contrast that sets the adorable duo apart.

Source: Bored Panda

Recently, the boys celebrated their first birthday with a huge bang and their mom made sure she went all out with her minion-themed party.

Speaking for a recent interview, the mother says came up with the idea to open their account on Instagram so they could be able to tell their story to the world while creating awareness about how beautiful of a trait diversity may be.

Source: Bored Panda

“Whenever we go out, there are so many people that ask us how and what is happening. Some are curious while others find it hard to stop themselves from coming close and saying a big hello”- she explained.

Mother Stacy feels that the greatest gift that her boys can give to the world today is the ability to learn and understand that skin color isn’t supposed to be judged. It’s supposed to be loved and appreciated for what it is.

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And while many people may not agree, for her, these boys are beyond perfect!

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