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Orban Sails to Victory in Hungary, Mocks Zelensky; 92-96% Vote to Ban LGBT Propaganda Targeting Kids – Conservative News & Right Wing News | Gun Laws & Rights News Site

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Chris Menahan InformationLiberation Hungarian president Viktor Orban sailed to victory on Sunday on a Christian nationalist, anti-LGBT, anti-immigration and anti-war platform.   Viktor Orban declared victory over six foes in his speech: 1) The “left” at home 2) The “international left” abroad 3) The Brussels bureaucrats 4) George Soros 5) The international media 6) Volodymyr Zelensky — Samuel Ramani (@SamRamani2) April 3, 2022 In his victory speech, Orban mocked Zelensky for attacking him before the election: Despite polls claiming the election would be neck and neck, Orban won in a landslide and his party managed to pick up two seats…. View Article

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