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Let's Talk: Weekly Workshop

March 22, 2023

12:30 pm / 1:30 pm


Twin Towers Residence Hall

Building: Twin Towers Residence Hall
Room: Twin Towers East, Classroom
Event Type: Student Events
Calendar: Student Health
Sponsor: MU Counseling Center

Let's Talk
Join our weekly workshop!

Week 1: Jan 18
Getting to Know Our Emotions

Week 2: Jan 25
Facing Our Feelings

Week 3: Feb 1st
Stress Management

Week 4: Feb 8th
Anxiety Management

Week 5: Feb 15th
Depression Management

Week 6: Feb 22
Unwind the Mind

Week 7: March 1st
Making Meaningful Connections

Week 8: March 8th
Loving Me More

Spring Break

Week 9: March 22nd

Week 10: March 29th
Looking Forward to the Future

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