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Rated G Radio w Guest Co-Host Mary Lou Munroe Rey Live from Australia! 04/04 by Rated LGBT Radio | Spirituality


Welcome to Rated G Radio with your host Garrett Miller. Tonight Garrett welcomes VIP Guest Co-Host: Mary Lou Munroe Rey We’ll be serving up heapin’ helpings of our Weekly Wrap when Garrett and Mary Lou talk Hot Topics. We’ll invite you to call in to share your thoughts on topic in this uncensored, non-pc conversation which goes deep into uncharted waters in the most outrageous ways possible. RATED G RADIO features a wide range of programming each and every week showcasing some of the most popular hosts in podcast history! Check out our other featured programs. Sign up for the socials and connect. We’ll love having you join us. Rebecca Fisk: America’s Top 50 Psychic Rated LGBT Radio starring Rob Watson Rated OZ Radio starring Mary Lou Munroe Rey Journey with Stephanie starring Stephanie Gerard Garrett’s Shameless Music Plug: Add Blond Jesus THE MUSICAL and HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS to your Spotify Playlist Today!

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