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UK’s first LGBT+ museum opening in London next month


Queer Britain, a registered charity established in 2018, is opening the UK’s first national LGBTQ+ museum in London on 5 May.

Located at Art Fund’s building in Granary Square, the new museum is an inclusive space that celebrates the queer community’s stories, people and places.

The first temporary exhibition, Welcome to Queer Britain, will serve as an introduction to the charity. It includes photographs and artefacts from the Queer Britain archive.

“Queer people have often had the crumbs from the table and were meant to be grateful for the crumbs from the table,” Queer Britain’s director Joseph Galliano told the Evening Standard.

“The history of LGBT+ people has been one of erasure and invisibility,” Galliano added.

Queer Britain’s museum opens on 5 May

queer britain lgbtq museum

“We’ve come to a point now with the younger generations where they demand and expect the right to be able to express their full selves – quite right too – in a way that hasn’t existed to that scale before.”

The LGBT+ museum houses four galleries, as well as a workshop, education space, gift shop and offices for the Queer Britain team. Entry will be free, but the charity will welcome donations to support its work.

Queer Britain’s new attraction was announced in January. “It’s time the UK had an LGBTQ+ museum, for all,” Galliano said.

“Queer Britain aims to tell our many and diverse histories, and now we have a home to do that from,” added Lisa Power, Queer Britain trustee.

Anjum Mouj, Queer Britain trustee, said the museum will “reflect and celebrate all our exciting and wildly diverse communities, whatever their sexualities, gender identities, backgrounds, ability or heritage”.

Image: Queer Britain

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