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WATCH: Candace Owens Claims Freaks and Pedophiles Are Hiding Under the LGBT Flag


After a couple of years off, the Republican party has again reignited its war on Gay Americans. Leading the charge is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who says children are being indoctrinated towards the ‘homosexual lifestyle’ in schools.

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Also waging war are Conservative pundits like Candace Owens. During a recent show, Owens claimed that freaks and pedophiles are hiding behind the Rainbow flag.

The Daily Wire host began:

“I mean, I’m a big believer — and I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again — that there are freaks, predators, and pedophiles that are all hiding under the LBGT flag. Right? They’re waving the flag and going, oh we’re this, queer, whatever, but, you know — and in reality this is a perfect place if you’re a child predator for you to hide. And what better place than in the classroom when now the classroom is protecting you and they’re trying to box out the parent. And I keep saying what will naturally come now, and you’re starting to see this, is pedophilia.”

Owens continued, “But this fringe minority has gained a lot of power and this fringe minority are people who need to be called out because, trust me — and I will say it a thousand times, pedophilia is around the corner. There are going to be kids that start to get abused. They’re going to establish that relationship with them. They’re going to say, don’t listen to your mom and dad, I’m here for you, you’re transitioning, I went through this, I’m your friend, I can help you outside of this. And I’m so terrified that so many children are going to be harmed in the process.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Media Matters:

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