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WATCH: GOP Rep. Fears President Will Impose Sanctions For “Christian Views” On LGBT Rights, Abortion


What are the “Christian views” on LGBT rights and abortion? Well, that depends on which Christians you ask. More relevantly to government, though, would be the question of what the Constitution says about these rights, and how the populace and judiciary interpret them.

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Still, count on a Republican to stand up and make it clear that, first, he believes his views on those rights are the unanimously accepted “Christian” beliefs; and second, that he believes folks like himself are being censored, punished, or discriminated against for holding those views.

In fact, Representative Glenn Grothman (R-WI) claims to fear that the U.S. government is setting up a slippery slope, and that the Biden Administration might use this as a ‘tool’ to impose sanctions on nations and their leaders for holding what he considers to be “Christian views” on these matters.

Grothman complaining that the President could sanction people for not supporting abortion and LGBTQ

— Acyn (@Acyn) March 18, 2022

“The president will have a new tool in his toolbox if he wants to force other countries to adapt [sic] the views of abortion and the views of LGBTQ, that are the views, quite frankly, of the left wing of the Democrat party. The president will be able to threaten…by saying you can’t get a visa to the United States because we don’t like your nation’s stand…”

Grothman suggests that this might apply not only to the countries’ leadership, but possibly to lobbyists and individuals who support the nation’s laws, though he offers no evidence whatsoever to support this creation of a persecution-complex-fueled imagination.

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